Speck Super 90 Series
Name Description Warranty
Speck 90/230 2 Years
Speck 90/350 2 Years
Speck 90/400 2 Years
Speck 90/500 2 Years

SUPER 90 Series is the ideal choice for all domestic pool & spa applications.

The speck SUPER 90 Series features:

  • A high resistance to corrosion and salt water
  • Maximum effectiveness at low power input
  • The ultimate in reliability
  • Stability at high fluid temperatures up to 60°C
  • No contact between motor & shaft with water
  • Highest quality mechanical seal
  • Fan cooled – suitable for high ambient temp
  • Closed impeller
  • Stainless steel motor shaft
  • Easy to remove clear strainer lid
  • Every pump factory wet tested.
  • Five year warranty

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