Zodiac Tri Series
Name Description Warranty
Zodiac Tri Compact Accommodates pools up to 40,000 Litres 3 Years
Zodiac Tri Mid Accommodates pools up to 70,000 Litres 3 Years
Zodiac Tri Large Accommodates pools up to 100,000 Litres 3 Years

With the Zodiac TRi-Series you can select the level of water care you need. Buy the model you want from the start or upgrade at anytime with different options of automation and water care sensing technology that will keep your pool healthy and ready for you to swim at any time.

The base model TRi will provide most with what they are after, a great reliable chlorinator. But what makes the TRi base model so much more than other chlorinators is the ability to upgrade this at anytime to a higher level of water care with minimum expense and effort.

The control panel is quick and easy to set up and has a full onboard troubleshooting guide and help prompts if there is an issue. Also using the very best in self cleaning plate materials, the cell has reverse polarity technology keeping maintenance to a minimum.